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Diversity & Inclusion

Consistent with Societe Generale's global roadmap, Societe Generale in the US values and remains committed to providing a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our mission is to recruit, develop, retain and advance a diverse workforce that is united in our efforts to enhance our competitive position and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

Slawomir Krupa

"At Societe Generale, Diversity & Inclusion is a shared conviction. This means that together, we are stronger as a bank. It helps us to recognize and better serve a new, broader audience for our products and services, and potentially reach new clients."
Damian Smith

"Our goal is to create an inclusive work environment in which everyone has equal opportunity to reach their full potential."


To make Diversity and Inclusion work within an organization, employees must truly be a part of it. For this, we offer a range of employee associations known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that offer many ways for employees to have a voice in the discussion and be actively engaged in diversity initiatives.

Americas Women's Network
AWN supports Societe Generale’s business goals, attracts and retains female talent and raises awareness. It also helps...
Asian Professional Network
APN fosters Societe Generale’s Values and promotes Diversity & Inclusion for employees who have an Asian ethnic...
Black Leadership Network
BLN is an ERG that fosters inclusion, community, visibility, professional development and mobility for Societe...
DiverseAbilities is aimed at advancing awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities, caregivers and their allies...
Pride & Allies
Pride & Allies fosters a more positive working environment for LGBT+ staff and assists allies and senior management in...
RE:Generation cultivates a cohesive community for Junior staff, bridges generational gaps to create more inclusion and...
Vamos offers Hispanic and Latino colleagues’ opportunities for professional development and involvement in the company...
Veterans Network
Veterans Network supports Military Veterans within Societe Generale Americas through networking opportunities, mentoring...