Societe Generale’s Career Arc Program Now Accepting Applications


At Societe Generale we value Diversity & Inclusion and welcome the many different skill sets and experiences that our people bring to the table every day. To appeal to professionals who have taken an extended absence from work, we offer our Career Arc internship program.

The program offers six-month internships across the bank for those who have been out of the workforce for two or more years while caring for a family member or other personal circumstances. Candidates are currently being considered for the 2023 Career Arc internships which are set to begin early next year.

Why Choose SG?

Societe Generale seeks to tap into the potential of great talent whose diverse life experiences have led them to take an extended absence from work. Through a robust program immersed in our business and culture, Societe Generale’s Career Arc internship will provide the right professional experiences, career development path, and networking opportunities to launch highly valued talent back into careers in the financial services industry, and potentially, at Societe Generale.

Our Program

Societe Generale’s Career Arc program gives professionals re-entering the work force a chance to refresh and sharpen skills through a six-month paid internship. During the internship you will be given the opportunity to perform meaningful work in a supportive environment while acclimating or reacclimating to the banking world. We value a variety of backgrounds and levels of talent and are looking for individuals with previous experience in areas including, but not limited to, Technology, Banking, Sales, Trading, Operations, Human Resources, Legal, Audit and Project Management.

What our participants have to say?

“The Career Arc program was instrumental in helping me transition successfully back into the workforce by not only aligning me to a role that matched my past experience and interests but also providing me with a supportive environment to refresh my skillsets,” Monique Davidson, a previous Career Arc participant and SG employee.

How to Apply?

Societe Generale is accepting applications for the Career Arc program until December 2. Visit careers.societegenerale.com and search “Career Arc” or position number 22000ROD.